Beginner’s Anal Bliss!


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Made from soft jelly, this bright and bubbly anal plug is a first timer’s dream! The narrow tip is ideal for easy entry. The bulbed bubble shaft stimulates and gives you cushion for total comfort. A flexible safety base keeps your plug secure and makes removal or thrusting a pleasure.

  • Bumpy Bubbles Anal Plug
  • Soft TPR anal plug
  • Tapered tip
  • Bulbed bubble-like shaft
  • Narrow neck
  • Soft and flexible safety base
  • Easy to clean

Start your anal journey the right way! If you’ve always wanted to experiment with an anal sex toy, the Bumpy Bubbles Anal Plug may be the most fun, cost-effective starter toy out there. It’s got just the right amount of size and a soft, cushy construction that’ll leave you breathless.

Just add your favorite lubricant to get the Bumpy Bubbles Anal Plug even smoother and slicker. The narrow tip makes entry easy, and the bulbed shaft lets you take in as much or as little of the plug as you like. Grip the t-shaped safety base and use it as a handle for even better control.

After use, clean the Bumpy Bubbles Anal Plug with mild soap and water.