Rabbit Butt Plug


Picture the many ways you can play with your Midnight Silicone Bunny Butt Plug. It might be a good idea to be ready for anything –– and get two!

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Express your most urgent cute critter urges with one little silicone butt plug bedecked with its own furry purple bunny tail. Yes, really!

What will you do with your Midnight Silicone Bunny Butt Plug? Wear it under your clothes to shock your lover? Pop out of a closet, with nothing on except a Bunny Butt Plug? Or will it be role-playing?

  • Anal toy with super-soft, plushy purple bunny tail attached
  • Wearer’s tail looks just like a bunny’s
  • 100% silicone butt plug with tapered tip and safety base
  • 2.75″ long, 1″ wide, 2.5″ insertable
  • 3″ x 3″ bunny tail
  • Silicone plug, propylene tail covered with fur
  • Compatible with any and all lubes
  • Can be worn during sexual activity
  • And men can enjoy prostate stimulation, too

No matter how you debut your Midnight Silicone Bunny Butt Plug, you can be sure this cute little anal toy is built to take it. The plug itself is molded from medical grade silicone, ready to accept water based lube.

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1.38*3.15in/ 1.1*2.68in



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